Sustainable Shopping

Hispanic man and woman in denim with flower motifs, by Alberta lake, choosing denim on phone.

In our establishment, we endeavor to provide our valued customers with top-notch denim shopping experiences, which entails providing precise sizing information. We have revised our sizes based on previous user comments and instituted a standardized size chart encompassing standard, oversized, and loose-fitting models.

Please note that our loose-fitting models may be 1-2 sizes more significant than the dimensions shown on the chart, and measurements can differ by 0.4-1.2 inches (1-3 centimeters). This regular occurrence ensures accurate fitting and reduces the incidence of returns, thereby decreasing carbon emissions.

We also prioritize sustainability and work closely with our suppliers to ship products directly from their factories to you, obviating the need for us to store surplus inventory in the warehouse and reducing the environmental impact of overproduction.

In rare cases where you may need to return a purchased item, we do not require you to ship it back to us. Instead, we encourage you to donate it to a local charity or resell it on a second-hand platform. This reduces the amount of packaging materials required to restock items and aids in minimizing our carbon footprint.

We appreciate your patronage and support of our dedication to sustainability.