How to choose women's jeans shorts online? |

How to choose women's jeans shorts online?

As the summer approaches, women are starting to consider how to prepare for the new season, what clothes to add to their wardrobe, and what could be helpful for the upcoming holiday. Still, the usual preparation and buzz around the shops are replaced by an unexpected pandemic that forced the planning of shopping and the purchase of necessary items online. This is why people choose to buy everything online to avoid unnecessary contacts and waste time in queues at stores. They can do this at any time of the day and even without leaving home. Since the preparations for the summer have already begun, and one of the essential clothes on hot days is comfortable and beautiful-looking shorts that fit the figure. Let's tell you what are women's jeans shorts online and how to choose them?

Choosing a model is always the most significant and most challenging step. Shorts for women are available online in the following models: slim-fit, regular, skinny, push-up, and mom-fit. To give you a better idea of ​​which model is suitable for which body type, we will provide descriptions of the models.

  • Mom-fit shorts are classic "mom" shorts with a waist that starts at the navel area. Usually, this type of shorts is sewn from a relatively stiff fabric to hold a slightly protruding belly. Typically, shorts of this type for women are loose and do not stretch the legs. Mom-fit shorts are perfect for hourglass figure owners and women looking to form an hourglass silhouette. Mom-fit shorts will also suit apple shape owners as they will help mask an overly round belly. Both small and tall women can choose such shorts.
  • A slim-fit cut is ideal for fuller women looking for a balanced look. Shorts of this type are tight but less snug than the skinny model.
  • Regular straight-cut shorts are especially suitable for fuller women, especially those with a brighter butt or protruding belly.
  • Skinny shorts, like jeans, are now probably the most popular and most commonly purchased. These are narrow-cut ultra-tight shorts that are sure to fit perfectly with most body types.
  • Push-up model shorts stand out with special seams that help create a raised and big butt. The shorts of this model are especially suitable for those who want to emphasize their figure.

When choosing shorts and other pants, the model or cut of the shorts and the waist are significant. Properly chosen shorts with a waist type of clothing that matches the figure will help to improve the figure further and emphasize its benefits. The primary and most common types of shorts or other denim pants are:

  • A low-waisted is especially suitable for those (and those) with a shorter middle body part - creating the illusion of a higher torso.
  • The mid-waisted will suit everyone and will help maintain neutrality. Shorts with this type of waste are best for slender and moderately fit people and those with longer legs.
  • High-waisted shorts are especially suitable for those who want to lengthen their legs and highlight the figure.
  • Ultra high-waisted shorts (with a "corset") are especially suitable for those with a fuller middle part of the body - such shorts will hide the puffy belly and lengthen the legs.

If it is still challenging to decide which shorts and waist type model would suit you best, it is crucial to know your figure type well. This is the only way to tailor the most suitable shorts to hide the disadvantages and highlight the advantages. There are several main types of shapes:

  • Owners of a pear-shaped figure usually boast a slender waistband, making shorts with a high-waist perfect. Also, a great choice will be straight or knee-length pants that will give the figure integrity. Girls with a pear shape should choose shorts that resemble a medium-length skirt. They should be high-waisted, perfectly trimmed, and spread downwards - such a garment will leave a lot of legroom. Shorts that widen downwards will slim your hips and buttocks. To enhance the slimming impression, tuck inside your blouse.
  • If your hips and shoulders are narrow, you can choose ultra-tight narrowing or widening shorts. You can choose jeans with a hip area adorned with various decorations, which will help expand this area optically. If you are a small figure, your shorts should be the same. Exposing as much skin as possible will create the impression of long legs. So choose 7 - 12 cm long shorts: enough to cover the upper part of the legs, but add a few extra centimeters to your height. Your shorts should be loose.
  • If your shoulders are broad, emphasize the lower body by choosing light-colored or steamed fabric jeans. You can also feel free to select shorts decorated with various decorations.
  • Owners of an apple-type figure will not be mistaken in choosing med-waisted or straight-cut shorts. If tight jeans shorts for women are chosen, it is advisable to combine them with a looser blouse. Many girls with an apple shape can boast beautiful legs, which means they can best claim denim shorts. If your torso is troublesome, choose shorts with a waist that reaches your thinnest spot and smooths out everything else. It's also suitable for you to wear shorts with details on the bottom of the shorts - they will divert your gaze from the problematic equator.
  • Hourglass holders can choose all types of shorts, but you should be more careful with shorts with a lowered waist (they can give the impression that you are lower than you are). When your proportions are almost ideal, all you have to do is highlight your natural figure. Highlight your slender waist with shorts that have exciting details at the core, such as a belt that ties the shorts like a bag. Your shorts can be of any length, but it is better to choose a looser silhouette garment with the edges to be pliable. Twist the blouse into shorts to further enhance your waist effect.

Once you have chosen the suitable shorts and waist type model, you should not miss the color selection stage. The color of the shorts also needs to be matched to your existing wardrobe so that no problems match the clothes with each other.

  • White shorts will be especially suitable for those who want to emphasize the advantages of the figure, and those with fuller figures will help to "lock" the weight, thus creating the impression of slenderness. Also, it's a pretty summery color. It is the most diverse models of white shorts you can now find in the new summer collection.
  • Yellow is associated with awakening and multi-colored nature, making it perfect for spring or summer. It also creates an impression of lightness.
  • Red or green shorts are suitable for bright personalities who want to stand out - regardless of body composition.
  • Khaki shorts are also an increasingly popular choice today. They are quite easily combined with other colors. Because they are a slightly darker shade, they also visually slimming the figure.
  • Blue jeans shorts are the most popular and most commonly purchased. They have a slimming effect and are the most versatile - suitable for everyday leisure.
  • Gray shorts are an excellent choice for the spring and summer season - they will revitalize the image and create an impression of lightness.

While at first glance it seems like choosing shorts isn't such a complicated mission already, there are still some aspects to consider before buying. You can already find women's jeans shorts in online store, from which you will choose a great outfit to complement your wardrobe.