How to choose and how to wear men's jeans |

How to choose and how to wear men's jeans

Let's start this 2020 by talking about choosing men's jeans and how to wear them at their best. There are numerous aspects to consider and to take into account. We will discuss it here in this new article on our blog.

We want to start by saying that the choice of men's jeans is significant for those who love men's fashion and love to wear the suitable garment for every occasion. This is because jeans are very flexible garments that quickly adapt to every need, even the most disparate. They represent real jokers to always keep in the closet, ready to accompany us on special occasions or not.

If properly combined with accessories, a man's jeans can characterize your look by offering you a refined and sophisticated area. In short, that is something that only a garment like jeans could provide you with. For these reasons and others that we will see very soon, choosing and knowing how to wear jeans is very important. So let's not waste any more time and find out more in the rest of today's article.

Select the style that best suits your look

Let's start immediately from one of the fundamental aspects, perhaps the most important, men's jeans' style and cut.

Essentially there are six. Here jeans models are listed:

  • Tapered jeans: these are tapered jeans that almost entirely wrap the leg, obviously highlighting the legs and emphasizing their shapes;
  • Skinny Jeans: these are tight jeans with a very low waist, recently created but very successful;
  • The straight: are jeans with a solid line, which goes straight down the leg with a very low waist;
  • Slim jeans: jeans in this category represent a natural middle ground. Not too loose and not too tight. They descend firmly to the ankles, where they are slightly tightened.
  • Relaxed jeans: As this category's name suggests, loose jeans are exceptionally comfortable, offering a comfortable fit up to the leg without highlighting any critical points.
  • Boot-cuts: the latter represent the most classic jeans in shape. I go down or wide and straight along the whole leg and do not offer any particular form to the legs.

Select the best model that more suits your fit

It may seem obvious to talk about choosing a suitable model, but in reality, it is not. Each man has his body and his characteristics. So how and what to choose?

Contrary to an athletic body sculpted by many hours of training and the gym, we recommend slim men's jeans. These are not universally valid choices, but certainly, for a tall man with a lean and not very muscular body, we would recommend straight jeans. The low waist and the characteristics of the jeans could enhance the constitution of the subject. Tight-fitting and low waist can mostly outline the body showing shapes and muscles. It would be advisable to avoid jeans with too wide cuts to avoid the opposite effect and hide well-sculpted and defined legs.

We conclude with the out-of-shape man, who wears plus sizes. Our advice is to choose wide straight leg jeans and avoid tight jeans such as skinny jeans.

Choose the right size

Last but not least is the choice of the size of your men's jeans. Pay close attention, especially if we are shopping online. You should know your exact size before placing online order jeans4you always respond within 24 hours to confirm what actual size will suit your body before contacting us and choosing the fitting jeans.

A rule that is always valid is not to buy excessively tight jeans, not to compromise the main reason you buy a garment of this kind, that is to use it and adapt it in the most diverse situations.