Great biker jeans styling ideas |

Great biker jeans styling ideas

Biker jeans, also known as moto jeans, have become one of the hottest trends in men's and women's jeans. These jeans look like protective motorcycle gear worn by riders or bikers, with their skinny fit, ribbed topstitch detailing, and infrequent tearing. Nowadays, they are designed to meet both the need for protection and the desire for fashion. Biker denim is designed to keep you safe while riding a motorcycle.

A pair of biker jeans are simply a pair of jeans with some extra stylish details, such as extra stitching, heavily ripped details, or even patch details. It's just fun to dress darkly now and then to balance out the fact that most of you must dress elegantly for work regularly.

Fit Tips

Motorcycle jeans are available in a wide range of fits and washes for male and female riders. Regarding riding jeans, we understand everyone has different wants and needs, but comfort and safety should not be compromised.

First, let's look at the fit. Fit refers to the shape of your riding jeans. It's the first thing you should think about when deciding what kind of jeans you want. All of our female fits have a slightly higher waist for a more feminine appearance and to cover the back a little more. Whatever your body shape, there's always a pair that will look and feel great on you.

  • Skinny jeans

Skinny-fit riding jeans have the most defined or "skinny" silhouette. They fit snugly around the hips, thighs, and calves down to the ankle. There is no tapering or flare in the leg area, and they instantly enhance the figure. Because our skinny-fit jeans have stretch properties, they provide incredible flexibility and comfort. They're our most trendy fit because they look great on anyone who wears them.

  • Slim-fit jeans

Our slim-fit riding jeans are designed to define your legs without feeling too clingy. It takes the best regular fit jeans and tailors them down to the ankle through the thigh area. These jeans are contemporary riding ones with a slimmer fit and classic style.

  • Tapered fit

Tapered jeans are pretty comfortable to wear as they are a bit relaxed from the waist to the thigh, but taper from the knee down, becoming narrower as they reach the ankle. They provide a more modern appearance without the discomfort of being too tight. You'll get the mobility you require with these jeans, no matter your figure.

  • Regular Fit

For many people, the regular fit is best suited for riding. They are designed to fit and appear like iconic archetype styles. From the waist to the ankles, the fit is relaxed. This classic style rests lightly against your upper legs, creating no constriction. These jeans have a straight cut from the upper legs down. You can complete the look with a pair of motorcycle sneakers or boots to make your ride more impressive and comfortable.

  • Loose Fit

This design gives you plenty of room to move around. But people often mix these with baggy jeans as their fit is designed to provide maximum comfort without making your legs feel like they're drowning in your jeans. So, if you're not a fan of fitted clothes, these biker jeans are all you want.

Regardless of all these different styles, biker jeans look great on curvy thighs and larger hips because they break up the volume of the denim and draw attention to feminine shapes. When shopping for biker jeans, opt for a skinny or straight cut with a mid-waist rather than a low waist. You can easily find these on our website as well.

Styling For Men

When it comes to men, there are so many different ways that can help them style men’s biker jeans. Let's see three of our favorite ones.

  • Wearing a button-up shirt with biker jeans

Wearing a button-up shirt with biker jeans is an excellent way to look professional while remaining casual. Combining a button-up shirt with biker jeans is a timeless look that will never go out of style. You can easily recreate the classic look of a button-up shirt with biker jeans at home. Begin with a button-up shirt and biker jeans, then add accessories.

  • Wearing a simple t-shirt with biker jeans

They're light and easy to put on. You can wear them to work, on weekends, or out with friends. A simple t-shirt paired with biker jeans is an excellent look for any occasion.

  • Biker jeans and denim jacket

A biker-inspired denim jacket is an excellent look for a man. The jacket adds warmth and style to your ensemble, while the biker jeans add a cool, edgy look.

Styling for women

For all the women, there is an excellent collection of women’s biker jeans you can choose from, and we have paired up some fantastic styles to make these jeans look great. Let's see our top three picks.

  • Biker Jeans along with black leather jackets and ankle boots

When it comes to looking dark and cool, nothing beats an all-black ensemble. Wear a black leather biker jacket over a black scoop neck tank top to achieve this look. They look great with black biker skinny jeans. Wear a pair of black ankle leather boots with the outfit to complete the look.

  • Ankle Lace Up Boots and Skinny Jeans with Black Leather boots

This is a very stylish and classic outfit that is surprisingly simple. Wear a grey scoop neck t-shirt with a black leather jacket for the top. Pair them with a pair of blue skinny biker jeans. Wear a pair of black leather ankle boots to complete the look smartly and stylishly.

  • Black Slim Fit Biker Jeans with White Print Tee

Here's how you can achieve this super casual look with a distinct mature touch. Pair a white print tee with black biker jeans. Combine these pieces with leopard print suede platform heels. This will give you a straightforward yet unique street outfit that will make you stand out.

There are numerous options for what to wear with biker jeans for men and women. There's a perfect option for you, whether you want something comfortable and stylish or something that will keep you warm and protected. So, whatever your style, make room in your closet for some biker jeans because we've got you covered at