Loose men&
Loose men&
Loose Men&
Loose Men&
Loose Men&

Loose men's jeans with inscriptions

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Loose men's jeans with inscriptions are perfect for those who search for freestyle jeans. The loose model gives freedom of movement. Covered with rubber and tied with straps at the top. Diagonal side pockets. The legs are covered with rubber at the bottom. Tencel material is natural, made without any chemical additives. Due to its biological origin, it is environmentally friendly and completely decomposes in nature. Tencel is warm as wool but cool as linen, soft as silk, and absorbs moisture much better than cotton. 

Color: Light blue;
Fit Type: Loose;
Style: Casual;
Waist Type: Mid;
Closure: Straps;
Material: Tencel;

Pattern: Painted;

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